The team of experienced entrepreneurs.

We are not only expanding our business, but also mentoring startup entrepreneurs. Together, we build a strong network of business builders around the world.

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What do we do?

Expand long-term & subtainable business with strong foundation of people development system

Positive Environment

You don't have to do the business alone. You will be in a team of enthusiastic entrenpreuner to share and learn from each other.

Personal Development

You have a right to access training resource and receive advise from successful entrepreneur

Brighter Career

You have fully control of your time & income via building an unlimited & potential business

How we grow the business together?

We lead the market with high level of leadership and cutting-edge technology.

Leadership Connection with thousand entrepreneurs around the world.
Work from home Your home is your office, your computer is your company.
Technology Unique tools to make business run smoothly, even automatically.

What will you do with us?

Join our team and work to expand business, then share the profit. We are focusing on:

What is your benefit?

Below is what startup entrepreneur can receive after 3 years spending 2 hours/day working with us.


Base on your own effort. The more effort, the more income.


Required skillset to become professional business owner

Personal Branding

Build up your personal brand via multiple social network.

Value Adding

Become team leader & mentor new startup entrepreneurs

Automation Business

Tools and core team can share the load to free up your time.

Inherit Asset

Pass your asset, mindset, skillset to your next generation.

What do our members say?

We are building a team of professional people in many backgrounds with the passion to build up their own business at night time.

Image Tien Nguyen

"This long-term business direction helps me develop business career along with full time job."

Image Thao Mai

"The advices from business mentors help me avoid risk and build a profitable business. "

Image Trang Tran

"The positive environment when become part of the team is unique. This's my home team."

Business Mentorship Program

We developed the Business Mentorship Program, so startup entrepreneur can be mentored by experienced entrepreneur and become mentor of the team in future.

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